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Test your editorial awareness with our news scenarios all based on real situations.

Image by Heath Alseike released via Creative Commons CC BY 2.0

Deciding whether news is in the public interest

How do you decide if a story is in the public interest or not? This site already has a training module on applying the public interest test to journalism, but we have now put together a scenario.
Image by Mark.murphy at English Wikipedia released via Creative Commons CC BY-SA 3.0

Editorial ethics scenario

Try our editorial ethics scenario and see what you would do if an earlier laps in editorial judgement led to you feeling unable to cover a news story because of external pressures.
Image by BBC World Service released via Creative Commons CC BY-NC 2.00

Right of reply and accuracy scenario

Try our right of reply scenario where you are the editor of a morning radio news and current affairs programme and just before the bulletin you receive conflicting information that is too late to fact-check.