Media Helping Media (MHM) is built on WordPress. To function properly, WordPress installs what it calls ‘session cookies‘, which are classed as ‘strictly necessary’ for the site to function. There are also ‘non-necessary cookies’ which you can turn off (below).

Non-necessary cookies

  1. cookielawinfo-checkbox-non-necessary – one of three cookies used to inform visitors of the cookie rules and regulations (the text you are reading now).
  2. cookielawinfo-checkbox-Necessary – same as above; this one notes whether the visitor accepted the cookie rules or not and remembers that decision.
  3. cookielawinfo-checkbox-Non-necessary – same as above; this one applies to those visitors who decide to disable ‘non-necessary’ cookies.

Such ‘non-necessary’ cookies are usually linked to adverts and are served so that advertisers can better target potential customers. But as we don’t serve adverts or make money from your visits we don’t need to use cookies that collect your personal data. So the only cookies we serve are those associated with our legally-required cookie notice.