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For those starting off in a career in journalism including what makes news, how to write a story, interviewing tips, and fact-checking.

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20 interviewing tips for journalists

A journalist needs to be well-prepared when planning an interview. However, after all your research, try to keep the interview to three questions in order to avoid over-complication and confusion.
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Referencing, attribution and plagiarism

Plagiarism is rife. Many journalists just copy and paste. There are tools - many of them free - which help content producers check whether content has been used without permission.
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Applying the public interest test to journalism

Journalists should always apply the public interest test before deciding whether to cover a story. For most issues it's fairly clear but for some it's complicated, particularly where privacy and power are concerned.
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10 tips for spotting a news story

What are the telltale signs that distinguish fact from fiction? How do you know when you are on the right track? The following are some tips for helping you ensure that you spot real news stories.
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From citizen reporting to citizen journalism

The beauty of citizen reporting is that it can be fast and fresh, down-to-earth and uncomplicated, and, sometimes, reach areas not always covered by mainstream media.
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News sources, numbers and the ‘so what’ factor

Most news stories start with one source. A journalist then has to verify the information and find at least one other independent source to confirm what's happened.
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Interview tips for video journalists

How to film a great interview The following is a list of tips adapted from a training module shared with this site by journalist and media trainer, Don Ray, on how to enhance the quality...
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Tips for journalists attending job interviews

An interview for a job in the media is often the culmination of weeks of hard work searching for opportunities, filling out application forms and waiting. So it's important to make the best impression on the day.
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What it takes to be a journalist

Hard work and self-discipline are at the heart of good journalism. Journalists should be accurate, first with news, trusted, easy to understand, straight, aware, disciplined and realistic.
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What editors look for when hiring journalists

What's the best preparation for a career in journalism? Media Helping Media asked some experts in the field what they are looking for when hiring staff.