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Test your editorial awareness with our news scenarios all based on real situations.

Image by Rob Swystun released via Creative Commons CC BY 2.0

Informed consent scenario

You are a reporter covering a house fire where a traumatised woman talks to you on camera but after the interview you are made aware of the circumstances that could mean she didn't realise what she was saying. Do you use the interview?
Image byasenat29 shared via Creative Commons

Editorial integrity scenario

You are invited to make a public speaking appearance at a political event where the organisers want you to explain the role of journalism in covering elections. They offer you a gift. What do you do?
Image by BBC World Service released via Creative Commons CC BY-NC 2.00

Right of reply and accuracy scenario

Try our right of reply scenario where you are the editor of a morning radio news and current affairs programme and just before the bulletin you receive conflicting information that is too late to fact-check.