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For those starting off in a career in journalism including what makes news, how to write a story, interviewing tips, and fact-checking.

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10 tips for reporting conflict and abuse

What to avoid when reporting conflict and abuse Reporting conflict and abuse is complex. Often the facts are not revealed in a way that offers the level of understanding the situation demands. The journalist needs...
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12 tips for producing strong news stories

Good stories about any topic generally have some things in common. Here are 12 points to keep in mind when you are planning, researching and producing a news story.
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For journalists, clarity is as important as accuracy

These are a few thoughts (some of them taken from The Economist’s style guide and those of other respected newspapers) for journalists writing and editing copy in English.
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Keeping the sub happy: tips for print journalists

A sub-editor is happiest when given copy that reads well and needs little rewriting. A writer or reporter is happiest when their copy is printed with the fewest changes to their original.
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Journalists and bloggers – stop stealing pictures

Copying images from the web and using them to illustrate news articles without permission is a global problem. Some think it's okay to use images without permission; it isn't and there's a better way.
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How to find and develop important news angles

Looking for uncovered angles on a breaking or developing news story is an important part of the editorial process where journalists have to explain the significance of events.
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Tips for writing radio news scripts

Writing a script for a radio news package Keep it short and simple Radio journalists need to be able to pick the best, most newsworthy audio clips, and write clear and informative scripts that introduce the...
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News writing tips for beginners

A journalist writing a news story is the author, organiser and decision maker. Without them the story may never be told. They make the most important decision of all by asking the question - is there a story?
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Court reporting tips for beginners

Reporting on court hearings is an essential part of journalism. It requires an understanding of local laws and knowing what can be reported and what can't.
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Language and style – translation

In this module from The News Manual we look at the issue of reporting and writing across different languages, some of the challenges of translation and some of the main dangers to look out for.