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Editing audio for radio news

We edit audio because we do not always have the time on air to broadcast a whole interview, but it's important we do it well.

Dealing with disinformation and misinformation

There are people who knowingly or mistakenly create or pass on information which is not accurate, and this can more accurately be referred to as “disinformation” and “misinformation.”

Systems thinking for journalists

A free toolkit designed to help journalists adopt strategies that address the most entrenched societal problems and hold entire systems accountable

How to handle a breaking news situation

An example of how an international TV and digital news organisation deals with breaking and developing news, including when and how to update information shared on all the station's channels.

Updating an online news item

The site was asked by the editor of a newspaper in Zimbabwe to set out how an interactive news story should develop online and what elements should be added and when.

How to identify and deal with fake news

Fake news is not new, it’s been around for thousands of years. Throughout history there have always been attempts to fool and confuse the public and distract attention from the truth. 

Snacking on rumour, feeding on facts

The good news for mainstream media is that the social networking audience still wants facts, but those producing the facts need to rethink how they create and disseminate those facts.

Editing radio news bulletins

Each bulletin will have a variety of stories reflecting the latest information our listeners are interested in. They are not comprehensive. They should give a flavour of the main points of the stories.

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Editorial considerations when a ‘big story’ breaks

When a big story breaks the following editorial considerations should be assessed.

Sustainable journalism in practice

Sustainable journalism in practice - how it affects newsrooms in terms of values, challenges, transparency and production.

Is your journalism ethical?

If the content you produce pushes an agenda, spins a line, favours a sector of society, is manipulated by subjective values, you are probably producing PR copy or even propaganda.