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How to detect AI-generated images

Fact-checking journalist Deepak Adhikari, the editor of Nepal Check, shares how he and his colleagues combat the spread of fake AI images on social media and in other news output.

Media guide for staying safe during elections

Journalists covering elections should never carry a weapon, should have first aid training, dress appropriately, listen to the locals and avoid confrontation. Some tips from the IFJ.

Confronting editorial bias in election coverage

Allegations of bias in the news media happen all the time, but they are most evident at election time. When deadlines are tight and pressures are greatest, the weighing of these factors may be less thorough.

Creating a strong fact-checking system

It’s the job of the journalist to try to find and present the truth, but fact-checking isn't easy. It requires a methodological approach to verification. 

Systems thinking for journalists

A free toolkit designed to help journalists adopt strategies that address the most entrenched societal problems and hold entire systems accountable

The role of AI in the newsroom

Three excellent free training resources designed to help newsrooms "learn about the opportunities" and "support and grow all aspects of a news operation" by embracing AI.

Making documentaries for radio

Documentaries are in-depth stories told in a more interesting way. A great documentary engages listeners and puts them at the heart of the storytelling.

How to run an effective news meeting

Have you ever attended a dull news meeting where people are slouched on chairs, lacking ideas and unresponsive when called on? Here are some ideas for ensuring that doesn't happen.

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Fairness in journalism

Fairness in journalism means exploring all sides of an issue and reporting the findings accurately. Members of the public should never be used to exaggerate the importance of a story.

Trespass and journalism – scenario

In this scenario we discuss whether it is every justified for a journalist to trespass in order to gather information that helps the audience better understand the issue being covered.

Content sharing for the benefit of all

Small news organisations, eager to offer their audience a wider choice of news, can now take advantage of a free international wires service currently syndicating in 90 languages.