Don’t worry, you are not lost

If you have arrived on this page expecting to find a specific training module, don’t worry. The content you are looking for is here, it’s just that the page has been moved.

Media Helping Media was relaunched in July 2019 after the site was updated with all the  modules refreshed and new material added.

This means that all the old URLs (web links) have changed. But the articles are still on the site if you search for them or check the various categories. The search button looks like a magnifying glass as is on the right of the top navigation on the site. The categories are:

  • Basic – for those starting off in journalism.
  • Ethics – the values that are essential for all journalism.
  • Advanced – for those already working in journalism.
  • Investigative – tips on how to be an investigative journalist.
  • Management – for those managing the news desk.
  • Strategy – for those running the media business.
  • Scenarios – examples of circumstances that test editorial ethics.
  • Training – for those offering and delivering journalism training.

Sorry it’s forcing you to make a few more clicks, but when you do get there you will find that the material has been refreshed and enhanced.

Thanks for your understanding.