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Sharing your media knowledge

Training course image taken by Media Helping MediaHave you got some journalism expertise to share with others?

If you are a journalist, media manager or media trainer and have some tips to share, please consider submitting a training module to this site so that journalists worldwide can benefit from your experience.

We have a growing collection of free tips and tutorials on the site which are regularly copied and translated into many languages and shared worldwide.

Transferring skills and building capacity

In many countries journalists and media managers are using the modules from Media Helping Media to train their staff and set up media training centres. And you can be part of it.

It’s all about sharing ideas, giving away tips, transferring skills and building the capacity of journalists in countries where the media is still developing.

Anyone can pitch in, and it’s not a one-way street. Training modules written by those who’ve traditionally been on the receiving end of media development are welcome too.

Available for all to use

All the material on this site is availale under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license, which means it can be shared, adapted, improved and reproduced for non-commercial purposes as long as the author and source is credited.

If you think you have something you would like to contribute, please do the following.

  • First check whether the module you intend to write has been covered before. You can do this by checking through our training section.
  • If the topic has not been covered, or if it has and you feel you have more to add, please send us an outline of the idea using the Contact Us form.
  • Please add a short biography and picture of yourself with any links you would like to your website, blog, or social network site so we can create an information box about you to place at the foot of the article.

And that’s it. We will consider the idea and respond. The more people who are willing to share ideas the richer this site’s resources will become and the more benefit it will be to the media and journalists in need.

David BrewerThe author of this piece, David Brewer, is a journalist and media strategy consultant who set up and runs Media Helping Media. He delivers media strategy training and consultancy services worldwide. His business details are at Media Ideas. He tweets @helpingmedia.

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