Radio journalism training in Jafna, Sri Lanka. Image by Media Helping Media released under Creative Commons


Media Helping Media changes hands

From January 2018, Media Helping Media will be supported and run by the Fojo Media Institute. Fojo’s mission is to strengthen free, independent and professional journalism, and, as such, is an ideal fit to develop the site. The handover will be an ongoing process that will involve a number of minor changes to the site over the next year. As ever, all the journalism training resources will remain free to download and use. 

The reason for this site

Media Helping Media exists to provide free training resources for all involved in the media in transition states, post-conflict countries and areas where the media is still developing. The modules are written by media professionals and media trainers and donated free of charge. The site has no political or business backers and is totally financially and politically independent. It aims to offer free training resources to help journalists produce accurate, fair, objective and impartial journalism in order to inform the public debate. 

The history of Media Helping Media

Media Helping Media was set up in 2005 following a chat between two former BBC colleagues, David Brewer and Bob Eggington, who had worked together at the BBC's Political Unit and were part of the launch team for BBC News Online. Both have experience as reporters and managers in print, broadcast, and online journalism.

Since leaving the BBC, David and Bob have been working in the field of international media development. They became involved in projects training journalists in basic journalism skills and helping media managers adapt to changing audience behaviour.

That work had taken them to countries where many were unable to pay for journalism training. Seeing the scale of the demand for training, they decided that there needed to be a site offering free journalism training modules written in simple terms and accessible to all. 

Once the idea had been developed, David took on to build and launch Media Helping Media, with Bob offering help and advice along the way.

Reproducing content

All the material on Media Helping Media is released under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0. That means you are free to reproduce, adapt and share the material for non-commercial purposes as long as you credit the original source and provide a link to the original material.

The News ManualAll the training modules are uploaded to Media Helping Media in that spirit. However, if you want to reproduce the six basic training modules which contain edited versions of modules from The News Manual you will have to seek permission first. The News Manual has given permission for its material to be republished on Media Helping Meida only. Those articles will be clearly marked with The News Manual logo (right).

All the images used on Media Helping Media have been released by those who took them under Creative Commons so that they can be used by others as long as attribution is provided.  The conditions vary, so in all cases if you want to reproduce an image found on this site, please scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the name of the author to reveal both the original image and the Creative Commons license details. 


All we ask in return for using the training resources on Media Helping Media is to let us know if you see any errors. You can send an email to the Fojo Media Institute by clicking hThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We hope you find Media Helping Media helpful in your pursuit of journallistic excellence.

David BrewerThe author of this piece, David Brewer, is a journalist and media strategy consultant who founded Media Helping Media, handing the site over to Fojo in early 2018. David has worked as a journalist and manager in print, broadcast and online. He has spent many years delivering journalism training and media consultancy services worldwide.


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