Radio journalism training in Jafna, Sri Lanka. Image by Media Helping Media released under Creative Commons

The reason for this site

Media Helping Media (MHM) exists to provide free training resources for all involved in the media in transition states, post-conflict countries and areas where the media is still developing.

The modules are written by media professionals and media trainers and donated free of charge. 

The site has no political or business backers and is totally financially and politically independent.

It aims to offer free training resources to help journalists produce accurate, fair, objective and impartial journalism in order to inform the public debate. 

Media Helping Media was set it up in 2005 because many areas of the world were being neglected in terms of support for the media.

Western media development agencies do a great job, but they can't be everywhere. Also, their interventions are usually time-limited.

Some have excellent exit strategies that involve local capacity building through skills transfer. But some projects just end, and in those instances the journalists on the ground are often left with no follow up support.

It was after one such intervention that Media Helping Media was created in order to make shared journalism training resources available to all.

Media Helping Media was developed after a chat with my former colleague and friend, fellow journalist Bob Eggington, over a beer during one of our many walks.

Reproducing content

All the material on this site is covered by the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 policy.

The News ManualAll the modules are uploaded to Media Helping Media in that spirit. However, if you want to reproduce the half a dozen of the basic training modules which contain edited versions of modules from The News Manual you will have to seek permission first. Those articles will be clearly marked with The News Manual logo (right).

All the images used on Media Helping Media have been released by those who took them under Creative Commons so that they can be used by others as long as attribution is provided.  The conditions vary, so in all cases if you want to reproduce an image found on this site scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the name of the author to reveal both the original image and the Creative Commons license details. 


The site has no sponsors or funders. The income from the Google Adsense adverts running on the site cover all costs.


The site is hosted by Falcon Media. The owner, Paul Large, lets me test new applications on his server, which is a great help. Thanks to Paul for his ongoing help and support. We use free templates, components and modules only, so that the Media Helping Media website model can be copied by others without cost (other than the server costs, of course).


Many of the modules written for Media Helping Media are bashed out in departure lounges or on planes. I don't usually have the luxury of a second pair of eyes, and I am useless at spotting my own mistakes.

So all I ask in return for using the site is that you let me know if you see any errors. There will be many. You can drop me a line using the site's contact form. I'd really appreciate it.  I hope you find Media Helping Media of some use.

David BrewerThe author of this piece, David Brewer, is a journalist and media strategy consultant who set up and runs Media Helping Media. David has worked as a journalist and manager in print, broadcast and online. He delivers journalism training and media consultancy services worldwide.


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